Foto Fur-iday – Just the Two of Us

I wasn’t sure I wanted another dog in the house, but it’s five and a half years now we’ve been partners, brothers, and friends and, you know, it’s been okay. Good even. Chico can be an annoying little runt, and I still don’t let him eat with me, but he’s pretty good company most of the time. We put together this little song & dance number for you (just ignore the Happy Valentine’s message at the end) and following that is a photo journey of our time together.

Just the Two of Us

foto 2 of us 6

One of our first walks. It was fun to hang out with someone who could smell what I could smell!

foto 2 of us 2

And he also liked to chase after a ball. I was faster back then, but he has a grip like you wouldn’t believe!

foto 2 of us 1

There was a bit of a bed issue early on but, once there were more places to sleep, it was all good. I sometimes prefer the floor anyway.


And this is a rare occurrence, but every now and then, it’s nice to hear another canine heartbeat when I nap.

foto 2 of us 5

It was when we started travelling that I truly came to appreciate the companionship. He’s a great traveller and, although it hasn’t resolved my travel anxiety, it does help to have him riding shotgun.

Watching for marauding dogs

And he helps me guard the fifth wheel with an admirable vigilance.

Joshua Tree

It means I don’t have to pose alone for shots like this one beside the Joshua Tree…

Logan Mar 28 waiting at gallery

and I have someone to wait with when Teresa & Nollind venture into “no dogs allowed” places like this one in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

foto 2 of us 4

He’s just generally good company and he’s continued to grow on me over the years. But don’t tell him I said so. The key to my alpha status is maintaining a certain amount of mystique.

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