Foto Fur-iday – Furry Friends

Wow, that title has an awful lot of f’s! Try saying it with a flat, loose tongue and no lips!

This week we thought we’d share photos of some of our animal friends. We’ve made a bunch of them through our many adventures and here are just a few …


We dogs make friends easily. This guy was hanging out in the Strathmore dog park. Never did get his name.


Walking the prairie with Dame Dixie who stayed with us this spring

Friends Jonah

We used to see Jonah often and were always impressed with her fetching skills. She died a couple of years ago and we sure miss visiting her. (In this photo we were standing on the shore waiting for her to bring the stick.)

Friends Roxie

Roxie comes out to the farm when her dog-Dad is here working on his sailboat, helping with hay, or just visiting.

Chico and friend

The canine version of shaking hands.

Dog park Logan playing with Goldie

Las Vegas dog park friend. Logan loves the Goldies.

Frinds all three sleeping

Three-way afternoon nap with Natalya.


Sharing a snack with Storm.


Best game with my best bud.

We’ll finish off with one of our favourite songs. The original is by Randy Newman but, since Teresa likes Michael Buble, here’s his version.


2 thoughts on “Foto Fur-iday – Furry Friends

  1. Hi Chico & Logan, hope you are having a good summer so far. Looks like you’ve been keeping busy and thanks for keeping us posted about your adventures. See you soon!

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