Foto Fur-iday – Come Walking With Us!

On summer mornings we enjoy long walks beside the canal. From our driveway, the irrigation canal is just a short walk to the north and from where it intersects with the road we can go east or west for miles. Come along with us!

Ready? … And we’re off!Dogs along the canal from behind

There are usually treats along the way in case you get hungry.chico-logan-treats

The water’s fine, come on in.

You might want to step aside ’cause the water’s about to fly!chico-shake

Would you move a few of these big rocks for us? The gophers along the canal are tricky and like to hide underneath.chico-logan-along-canal-rocks

You sure you don’t want to swim? Even I’m all the way in this morning.

Hello? Anybody home? Not sure who lives in this big hole …chico-in-hole

Okay, all posed and ready for your postcard shot.

Look what we found!logan-duck-eggs

This is the usual turn around point.
Chico at east end of canal

Still with us? 
heading home from the east

Okay, last chance for a swim.

Hope you enjoyed your walk as much as we enjoyed ours!



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