Foto Fur-iday – A Few of Our Favourite Things

It’s late June which means thunderstorm season has begun where we live. There haven’t been any big ones yet, but we know they’re coming. When the sky starts to boom, we take the advice of Julie Andrews, and think of some of our favourite things …

Hit it, Julie!  My Favourite Things

Logan resting at camp


Logan & Chico beach wrestle

Play fighting!

Faves with toy

A grunting hedgehog

Chico Mar 21 climbing hill


2014 Chico leaving Great Falls

Truck rides (Chico yes, Logan not-so-much)

Chico Feb 25 Logan under trailer

Shady places

Indio Dog Park

Making new friends (this little guy was hilarious!)

chico with bone


Dogs swimming

Swimming on a hot day.

Apr Logan napping


Yoga Chico


Peeps hug with Sa


Trail Riding Logan from Storm

Trail rides

Going along co-pilot

Riding shotgun!

Faves snowy

Winter (in Arizona)

Rolling grass 3


We like a ton of things and could go on and on, but you probably have other things to get to on a Friday.  Talk to you next Fur-iday!

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