On the Trail of Dinosaurs

At last! A road trip! I do love a road trip and it had been too long. T went to Vernon in February–we stayed home with Nollind. T and Nollind went to Lake Louise in March–we stayed with friends. Nollind went to Regina in April–we stayed home with T. T and Nollind went sailing on the West Coast in May–we stayed home with a sitter. It was developing into a very troubling pattern.

Can I please come?

But, at the beginning of June, the slides went out on the trailer and bins of stuff were being transferred in and out. This was a positive sign since we dogs usually go along when the fifth wheel (Sid) is involved. I stayed close, very close, when T was cleaning and packing. When she started filling our “travel bin” with kibble, I knew we were going for sure. Yay!

So, on Monday afternoon, June 6, we were eastbound. I was standing on the armrest of the truck trying to get a better view of everything passing by the window. I was so excited … right up until I fell asleep. When I woke up I thought I must have been sleeping for days. It looked like we’d taken our winter road south to the desert. We have deserts in Canada? Why don’t we just spend the winter there rather than driving for two or three days? Logan would sure appreciate a shorter journey.

Alberta’s desert — the Badlands.

Speaking of Logan and travelling, I love the guy, really I do, but waking up in the backseat of the truck covered in dog drool is extremely unpleasant. Maybe I can get a little raincoat to wear when we travel.

Anyway, the morning after we arrived, we were off for a walk to explore the campground and get the lay of the land. It was already hot by mid-morning so we finished off the walk with a dip in the river. Holy muck! We have a bit of mud in places along the canal but nothing like that Red Deer River mud. I wasn’t sure I was going to get out of there without a tow!

Low water means muddy shores.

By afternoon, the temperature had climbed to 35C (95F) and T was getting concerned about us, especially Logan. T and Nollind headed off in the truck, we thought for the afternoon into Brooks, but they were back in ten minutes and hitching up the trailer. We were moving. In less than an hour, we were packed up, moved to a new site, set up, and settled in, the air conditioner running and turning Sid into an oasis. It seems electricity was the difference in the sites. We have solar power but it’s not powerful enough to run the air conditioner.

After three days in Dinosaur Provincial Park, we had explored all of the trails. I love the desert and felt right at home on sandy soil amidst the rock formations and prickly plants. Heaven.

Hiking Coulee Viewpoint trail after a hot day

Thursday morning we packed up and headed out, bound for Drumheller which is billed as having the world’s largest dinosaur. I’d never seen a dinosaur (those in Dinosaur Provincial Park were either dead or hiding) so I was looking forward to seeing the world’s largest, but we turned off before we got there, travelling to a tiny place called Wayne that’s nestled into a valley of eleven bridges. We parked in an open field that belongs to the owner of the Rosedeer Hotel and T and Nollind went out for the evening to the hotel’s Last Chance Saloon. Turns out they got treated to an informal performance by the Road Hammers who were shooting a TV show in the bar. How lucky was that?! I so would have liked to have been there. I’m betting they would have put me on TV. I’m extremely photogenic, not to mention irresistible.

Bridge 11 of 11.

The next morning we back on the road to Drumheller. Well, holy gigantic lizard! Thank God it was fake! We dogs weren’t allowed to climb the stairs into the mouth and that was just fine with me.

The foot of the world’s largest dinosaur in Drumheller.
And the rest of him. Can you see us there at the bottom with T?

The last stop on our badlands tour was Rosebud, a place I’ve heard T mention often because of the plays they attend there. She and Nollind had tickets for the final performance of Outside Mullingar. This stop we were in an RV park, which T and Nollind normally avoid because of the close proximity of neighbours. Turns out we should have avoided this one in particular because, although they tolerate dogs in the park, they certainly don’t welcome us, and it’s just not nice to feel unwelcome. But, I’m told the play was excellent and we got in some campfire time so it was a fine way to wrap up our journey.

Campfire time at Rosebud. I love my camp chair.

First thing Sunday morning, we were on our way home. I would have been just as happy to keep heading east, or turn south, or north, but I guess it’s just not the time for extended travel yet. I have to wait for December. Six months and counting…

The best thing about travelling … new places to walk.


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