The Trouble with Elbows

Logan frosty

Frosted up after a winter run. (I’m sure I paid for that one.)

I’ve had a hitch in my giddy-up for a long while now … years. Not sure just where it got its start–a bad landing jumping for a ball, playing a bit too rough with a friend, too many miles on the trail behind a horse, or some perfect storm of a combination. I’ve been a pretty active guy in my twelve years and it seems now there’s a price to be paid.

They’ve had me to a few vets. The first one who checked out my limp gave up when I wouldn’t flinch and give her any clue as to what was hurting. She called it “typical Border Collie stoicism”. I just called it “not liking vets”. Ever since I was kicked in the face by a horse and had to spend a night at the vet hospital … alone … and have surgery the next day, I’ve not been a fan of vets.

(In case you’re wondering, Teresa and Nollind sold that horse, not sure if it had anything to do with my teeth.)

The second vet that inspected me started treating my shoulder. I knew that wasn’t where the problem lay but I wasn’t letting on. No telling where she’d put all those needles if I let her in on my secret. There was acupuncture, terrible tasting herbs that put me off my food, and scads of time on a leash and then, the first time I was free and went for a full speed run through the field, the limp was back. At least I didn’t have to eat the herbs anymore.

Logan acupuncture


Vet number three took some x-rays and diagnosed arthritis in my right elbow. Teresa had already been giving me joint supplements, but a new one was added to the mix, along with an injection every few weeks. Wow, did I feel good after the injections, like someone had rolled back the clock a few years. They started calling it my “bouncy juice” but I think its proper name is Cartrophen. Teresa and Nollind have had a few friends ask if there’s a human version. I also started getting tiny pills now and then, usually after I chased a gopher or had a particularly high-speed playing session with Chico. If I really overdo it, the pills come daily.

When we travel south for the winter, not sure if it’s the climate or the leash time, but my elbow hardly bothers me at all. Almost makes the many hours of terrifying interstate highway travel worthwhile.

Logan Mar 5 dune running

Can’t catch me! Running the dunes in California.

Teresa’s got me on a new supplement now, some kind of high-powered joint concoction from Pet Planet. Admittedly, this one seems to help quite a lot. It takes the edge off the painful elbow and makes every other joint feel just a little freer. We ran out for about a week and I could feel things stiffening up again. I was pretty relieved to see the blue bottle among the pet store items.

Logan four feet

Notice how my left foot is getting splayed from supporting more of the weight? Hopefully it doesn’t start to look like a flipper!

Yesterday Teresa started adding a third supplement to my meals. I appreciate she cares but … sheesh. There’s a horse on the bottle and it contains something called Devil’s Claw. Neither of these details is particularly comforting but, again, I think this one might be helping. I haven’t needed my little pill for a few days now.

So, to all my ‘nines out there (that’s peeps in the canine world), I know you can’t help yourselves, but try not to wear out any of your parts while you’re still young. Unless of course you have a veterinarian/healer/herbalist wannabe as an owner. In that case, knock yourselves out, have a blast.

logan and t


4 thoughts on “The Trouble with Elbows

  1. Thanks Logan for suggesting the ‘joint concoction” I think I might take advantage of this, I mostly injures myself when I fetch the frisbee and summer is coming! my friend Nicole will be looking for this today. Jewels

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