Foto Fur-iday – Friends We’ve Met

We meet a lot of great people in our travels, some just in passing, others that we get to see over and over again. We’re big believers in the expression that strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet.


With Laurana

Christmas with Laurana.



chico over log

The quick brown dog jumps over the lazy log (with Susan at Kalamalka Lake)


Friends Nora

Hiking the canal with Nora.


with the nieces

Cuddle time with the nieces, Harper and Anika.


01.29.15 Visit with Sue and Leon

Hanging in the desert with California friend Sue (and Teresa & Nollind of course).


Kubota with Darren

Helping Darren drive the Kubota.



Helping Gord clean out that bag of old treats.


Chico Apr 12 friends

Coffee shop friends in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

For our next Friends Foto Fur-iday, we’d love to have our photo taken with you!

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