Guest Blogger – Dixie!


Hi, I’m Dixie the 15-yr-old Goldie!

Hey everyone! It’s Dixie here in Calgary. My pals Chico and Logan have been bragging about their blog for a while now and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. They’re staying with me and my people, Gord and Spring, for a few days while their people go to a conference, so it seems a good opportunity to check it out.

At first, I was feeling a bit nervous about using the computer. Thankfully Logan said he would give me a few lessons on whatever that “web” thing is and Chico seems to be a pro at using the keyboard (long toes). Even Gord has trouble sometimes when he is poking away at those little black buttons. Good thing Chico and Logan are with us for a few days to troubleshoot.

Over the weekend, we’ve been testing out a new game called “The Maypole“. Spring says it’s a bit like the dance she remembers from elementary school, except we use our leashes instead of the colourful ribbons. It’s quite hilarious to watch, all of us weaving this way and that way, around and around, until everyone is all tangled up and laughing like crazy. Some of the other dogs in the neighbourhood seem envious so I think we’re on to something big! Last night, after dark, we tried it in the back alley but – sheesh, even with the help of the flashlight, it was tricky to untangle the leashes.

Chico has been teasing me about being a city slicker. I must admit, I envy the freedom those lads have, never mind the endless supply of tasty horse-generated treats! Logan says he can’t believe how spry I am for fifteen, even after all those trips to the vet, back when I had lymphoma a few years ago. Just wait until I visit them on the farm, I bet they will both high-five me after they see me galloping through those grassy fields.

Gord the treat dispenser

Luckily, I don’t mind sharing the snacks.

That reminds me, yesterday Gord decided we should all pile into the car and head over to Bowmont Park. Logan was happy that it was only a short car ride and Chico was pleased because we all get to run off-leash over there. As you can see from the snapshot, Gord looks a bit like the Pied Piper, with his pocket full of treats and the three of us drooling at his feet.

After all that exercise, it seemed like the perfect time for a weekend nap. I was surprised that the boys didn’t need any encouragement to jump up on the bed like I often did back in the day. It turns out Chico is quite a bed hog and so, by the time Logan stretched out, I was just as happy to curl up on my comfy cushion beside the bed. With a sigh of contentment, I drifted off to sleep, thinking how truly lucky we are to have good friends to share days like these.


2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – Dixie!

  1. Well done, Dixie! I would never have known you are a novice writer if you hadn’t mentioned it. I’m an old-ager myself so can relate to the difficulty of learning new things.
    So I hope we weill hear more from you!

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