Oh, I Get It…

724ca-logan2bwith2btoyWeatherwise, it’s been a great winter, no complaints at all, but I had been wondering just why we stayed home. It turns out Chico’s known for months and didn’t bother to mention it. He let me think it had to do with me and my travel anxiety and the panic attack on the way back from Saskatchewan in September. He says if I read his blog posts I would have known since he blogged about it back in November. Whatever…

Logan g'd up

Haven’t had to wear this getup since mid-January.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, four boxes of books showed up and last Saturday there was a big party at the Glenmore Sailing Club. Here I thought Teresa was working on her blog all those hours on the computer, but it turns out she wrote a whole book! Great. I suppose now we have to follow suit. Aye. That’s really going to cut into my senior dog nap time.

box of booksBut anyway, yes, a book, all 296 pages of it. Apparently, a story about a woman who travels to Mexico, and survives! (We camped near the border once and heard what sounded like gunfire. I’ll pass, thanks.) There are three dogs in the story, but only cameos, which surprised me given Teresa’s fascination with us. I didn’t think she could write a book without there being at least one main canine character. I hear there’s another novel in the works and this one takes place on an Alberta horse ranch. I’m thinking a place like that needs a good farm dog–Chico says, at least two. He has all the herding instincts of a turtle so I’m pretty sure I know who Teresa will use as a model for any ranch dog characters.

couch time

Staying home for the winter isn’t all bad.

Not sure just what Chico and I would write a book about. Our adventures, I suppose. I’m more of a non-fiction reader so I’m not sure I could tell a story that wasn’t based on facts. I’m a left-brained kinda guy. Maybe creative non-fiction, since Nollind says it’s important to never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

both tug o war

Our collaboration on a book would look something like this. Probably safest to stay with individual blog posts.

Teresa’s away in Vernon right now and left Nollind in charge of things. I’ll make sure he remembers to feed the horses and I know I can count on Chico to remind him about our meals.


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