It’s Fur-iday!

24474-chicowithsunglassessmCatchy title, don’t you think? Logan’s not a big fan of catchy, but he was more open to Fur-iday than Muttday or Fursday. He doesn’t like being referred to as a mutt, so Muttday was out. He also thought that people might be grumpy on Mondays and not interested in reading about the adventures of a couple of dogs. Fair enough. As for Fursday, he said it sounded like he had a speech impediment, end of story. So Fur-iday it is!

chico at dog park close

At one of the best places in Calgary — Sue Higgins Dog Park!

And just what is Fur-iday? Well, it’s the day we publish our blog posts. We’ve been true to our time-is-irrelevant species and a bit random with our posting days and times. Although I know precisely when it’s 6 pm (dinner), scheduling things in days is a tougher task. I know there’s a way to do it by that thing that hangs on the wall with all of the little boxes on it, but I’m just not sure how to follow it. If anyone has suggestions for me, please leave them in the comments section of the blog. For now, we’ll rely on T to tell us when it’s time to publish a blog post. Hopefully, she gives us a bit of notice since literary masterpieces don’t bounce off the paws in a few minutes!

chico and laptop

Cat videos are hysterical!

It’s February and we’re here at home. We’ve spent only one February at home in the last four. This one makes two in five. I do miss the desert, and I know T does too. I catch her looking at photos online and I think she gets a bit teary when she sees a desert sunset image, or a pic of one of our favourite boondocking locations. I’m pretty new to this sunset appreciating, and I’ll admit that a silhouette of a palm tree or a cactus looks pretty cool with a desert sunset behind it, but the old barn and a prairie sunset doesn’t suck either.

chico sunset barn

Prairie sunset.


chico with frost

Lots of frosty days at home this winter.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the days are getting longer. We’re going out to feed the horses at 5:00 instead of 4:00, which means I get fed pretty much as soon as we come back to the house. In the darkest days of December and January, it seemed like forever from horse feeding to my feeding, despite the snacks I managed to scavenge from the ponies. Rosa and Storm don’t drop a lot so it’s pretty slim pickins and, although Nevada spits out almost as much as he chews and swallows, they feed him in this huge tire so that he can pick up the dropped stuff and give it another go. (For those of you who know horses and are wondering if Nevada needs to see a dentist, he sees one every year, he just doesn’t close his mouth when he eats.)

chico helping at dinner

Helping with dinner clean-up.

My three horses don’t mind me hanging out waiting for the odd piece of kibble to drop, well, except for the time I got a little forward and Storm bit me. Good thing his teeth aren’t pointy! Gidget, on the other hand, one of the boarded horses, doesn’t let me get twenty feet from her when she’s eating before she’s flattening her ears and threatening to kick. There’s not much to clean up afterward either, since she’s a bit Hoover-like, picking up every last bit of grain. 😦 But, to make up for it, Gidget’s person is very generous, always bringing me a treat or two.

chico's snack dispensers

Rosa, Nevada and Storm – my snack dispensers.

So, welcome to Fur-iday! It’s the day that comes right after Fursday and a couple of days before Muttday! (Logan’s going to kill me.)


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