Welcome to our New Blog!

Chico with sunglasses smAfter four years on Blogspot, Logan and I decided it was time for a move to WordPress. It’s been a learning curve, and T has been super busy all summer and fall so without much time to help us, but I think we’ve finally got it figured out. So, welcome to our new home on the web! Of course, we`ve moved all of our past posts here too.

Sept - pet planet

Summer shopping at Pet Planet.

And what have we been up to you’re probably wondering. Me too! Is it really November already? When Logan last posted we were set for many Tuesdays out in K-Country with the horses. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, at least not as often as expected. T was away for part of July, then it was hot, then it was haying, then it was wet and then it was T’s horse sale work in conjunction with Nollind trying to build a village here on the farm. Okay, it was just an equipment shed, a hay shed, a carport and an outhouse, but there was a lot of building going on in August, September and October.

Oct - building a village

Nollind and his Dad starting on the village.

We did go on a couple of Sid trips though, one to Saskatchewan and another to Red Deer. Saskatchewan was great, nine days of doing what we like to do all winter in the desert: walking, exploring, touring, eating, and sitting around the Little Red Campfire. The good life. We stopped in Maple Creek for a night, one in Shaunovan, two in Regina, one in the Qu’appelle Valley and then three in the City of Saskatoon. My favourite? That’s a tough call.

Sept - quappelle

Qu’appelle campground.

In Maple Creek there was a cougar in town the night we arrived so that made for a pretty exciting before-bed walk. No cougar sightings though, probably best. Regina has a great dog park along a creek where we spent part of an afternoon, so we always enjoy stopping there. The campsite at Qu’appelle was reminiscent of our desert boondocking in winter — all alone, off-leash, great places to walk and my chair by the fire. That one might be my favourite. But then Saskatoon was pretty darn nice. Gordon Howe Campground is right in the middle of the city but you’d never know it. And one day T and Nollind took us on the river walk downtown. So many things to see and smell! We didn’t get to go along for the riverboat on the last night, but I hear it was great. If you’d like to see the complete photo album of our trip visit T’s Facebook page.

Sept - saskatoon

A dip in the South Saskatchewan, downtown Saskatoon.

Red Deer wasn’t quite as much fun. It was four days over Thanksgiving weekend and T and Nollind were working pretty much all the time at the horse sale. They’d take us walking late at night around Westerner Park once all the horses were tucked in for the night and the people had gone home, and that was the highlight of our day. We’d get out at other times of course, but only long enough to stretch our legs and do our business. And I was worried about T, she seemed tired and then on Saturday something happened to her eye that made her worry and she had to go to the doctor when she got back. She’s okay, she can still see, but she had to be very careful for a couple of weeks, wasn’t even able to ride Storm.

Nov - walk west.jpg

Morning walk just west of home.

Since Thanksgiving we’ve been staying close to home, doing lots of walking out on the prairie. Every morning we have to walk to the back of the property to check on the  horses out on their winter pasture, and every second day we keep going, exploring the fields to the west. A couple of weeks ago we went on a short adventure to the SW of Calgary and had a great walk along the river in Okotoks. It was 13 degrees celsius … hard to believe it was the 7th of November.

Aug - Chico in the chair

Hanging out on the farm.

Speaking of weather, we’ll be staying home this winter, not travelling south with Sid. T is writing a novel and wants to get it finished and published, and Nollind has some farm projects he wants to get to. As long as they have time to take us walking or skiing or horseback riding, I’m fine. Being home is just a different kind of adventure, one that involves icy paws.

Nov - walking in the snow


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