Home Sweet Farm!

Some of you might have been wondering by now if we took a wrong turn at Albuquerque (now how many dogs do you know who can spell Albuquerque correctly – twice?). But we didn’t, didn’t even go through that way this year. It was straight up the I15 home, the most direct route. There’d been a lot of talk about slowly travelling through California and Oregon as we made our way north, visiting a place called Cannon Beach where T wanted to take us for a walk, but in the end we stayed at Lake Mead just as long as we could and drove home through Utah, Idaho and Montana.

Final night at Lake Mead

We left Lake Mead just after sunrise on a Sunday morning, stopped for lunch at a rest area near the entrance to Zion National Park, and then continued on to Salt Lake City where T and Nollind had a dinner date. They’d been talking about it for days, The Red Iguana, and I was so hoping it was one of those places that allowed dogs. But, no such luck, and apparently the food was so good they ate all of it, didn’t even bring me a taster. We continued north after dinner, crossing into Idaho and parking in another rest area, this one near Malad City. It was chilly when we hopped out of the truck, and chillier the next morning when we went for a short walk. It wasn’t the kind of chilly we experienced in January in Montana, but to this desert dog it felt mighty cold (I think I might be developing an American accent).

Heading for dinner at the Red Iguana (looking very happy even though I couldn’t go with them)

As usual, I slept most of the journey so can’t tell you a lot about it, but I know the weather was fine and the roads were dry every time I sat up and looked out the window, and there wasn’t a speck of snow other than high in the mountains. We got to Great Falls, Montana by mid-afternoon Monday and, once we were parked at Dick’s, T and Nollind headed off to do some shopping. They always pick up a few things from Western Ranch Supply and Big R (now North 40 Outfitters), usually things for the horses or the farm. Even with the low dollar (I do pay attention to the news) they can still save money on things like electric fencing, dewormer and buckets.

Looking at the weather forecast that night, there was talk of delaying the trip home for a day or two because of the high winds but, instead, we were up and driving by 5:30 to stay ahead of it. And we did…just. There was nobody lined up at the border so we were in Lethbridge by 9:00 and things were still calm when we got out to stretch our legs. Less than an hour up the road, we could feel the west wind pushing on the side of the rig, and by the time we rolled into the farm around 12:30, it was blowing around 30-40 km/hour. Within an hour, it was somewhere in the 50-70 range with a few gusts hitting up to 90 so they were all three glad to be parked, especially Logan who was remembering the tipping warnings from last year’s drive through Wyoming.

Just two cars to wait for at the border

And me, was I glad to be home? I was, and still am, but I also miss the road. T and Nollind are so busy here and there’s so much competition for their time and attention. That’s one part of being human I can live without — no time for naps. The horses always take a bunch of their time but, even after a winter of being sprayed with insecticides, they still have cooties so are more demanding than ever since we’ve been home. We’ve been on a few walks and they took me to Strathmore one day to the vet (I love going to see Julie and she told me the bump on my head is nothing to worry about) but other than that we’ve been left mostly to our own devices. I’ve spent a lot of time hunting gophers, but this morning Logan and I ran off into the fields for an hour or so and had the greatest of times. I’m not sure T was as pleased as we were, and now Logan can hardly walk with that bad elbow of his, so I feel kind of bad.

Looking for ducks in the wetland

I think I can smell home

T and Nollind proclaimed today “Sid Day” (Sid is the name of our fifth wheel for those who’ve forgotten). Sid Day is apparently when they set aside the farm chores, the Calgary renovation project, the year end, the horse sale tasks, and the cootie problem and just hang out with us, watch some TV, take a nap, putter around the house and, yay, help me with my blog. These Sid Days could easily become my favourite days of the month…or week (not sure how often they’ll come around but I’m hoping).

Walking the back twenty

Logan and I plan to keep up the blog writing here at home since life is a grand adventure wherever we are. In fact, I hear we might be heading west with the horse trailer soon, delivering Calypso to her new home. Sounds like a great road trip to me! And of course I’ll keep you apprised of my quest for humanness although, today, being a dog is feeling mighty fine.



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