Logan’s Oasis

I don’t know how he did it in this dry, treeless place but, against all odds, Logan managed to conjure up water and shade and sand for our stop after Borrego. Nollind sometimes says T has the ability to conjure things up, like barn cats, so maybe Logan learned it from her. We weren’t five minutes out of the truck and he was in the river…and swimming! He’s half lab so that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise except that he rarely swims. Back home on the canal, Logan goes in the water about as far as he needs to to cool his feet and quench his thirst. He’ll swim if there’s an urgent reason to get to the other side, but otherwise, just in until his belly touches. But at that camp spot along the Colorado River he was in up to his neck and paddling around like a puppy.

Logan’s Oasis

Heading in for a swim at Logan’s Oasis

He’s a good guy my roommate, although I had to get to know him before I thought so. T and Nollind and Logan came to pick me up for a temporary stay with them until Misty Creek Dog Rescue could find me a permanent home (turned out they were it!). I’m the same colour as their Appaloosa horse Nevada, which is why T noticed me amongst the many photos of dogs on the Misty Creek web site. Anyway, they took me for a little walk that first day, I think to see how Logan and I would get along.

Nevada – see the resemblance?

That went well so off we went in the truck. I didn’t know what the heck was going on when Logan started shaking and panting and drooling in the back seat, so I put my paw on his head and sent him my best “hey dude, relax, we’re fine” vibe. It didn’t work, but I think he appreciated the gesture. It wasn’t until we got to the house that things went a little sideways, he wasn’t crazy about another male dog on his turf and I don’t like being pushed around by alpha dogs. So, I peed on one of his walls, sent a strong message I thought. He hurried over to lay down cover and, oops, was spotted by T who gave him a right royal scolding. Funny thing was, things got better after that, and with each passing day I developed a stronger respect for his quiet, alpha ways and his farm wisdom. I’d had many bigger, male dogs try to intimidate me but he never did that, just quietly let me know he was in charge.

So there at the Colorado River I was happy to see him find the oasis in the desert he’d been dreaming of. He gets hot much more easily than I do, and his pads get sore on the rocks and, although he’s tough as nails in many ways, he is 11 and not the resilient guy he once was. I still put my paw on him in the truck now and then and it still doesn’t make him okay, but I think he appreciates it, like I appreciate his friendship. You see, a lot of dogs don’t seem to like me very much for some reason, but he sticks by me, even when we’re playing and I just can’t seem to stop myself from barking in his face. He could bite me, or growl, but he just stops and stands and pulls his ears back against his head (probably because I’m hurting them) and waits for me to shut up.
We spent two days at Logan`s oasis and he got to swim both days, lie in the shade of the big trees beside our camp and walk on sandy soil through a forest of cottonwoods along the river. Yes, cottonwoods! Only Logan could conjure up cottonwoods in the middle of the desert. You could see the light come on in his eyes and he`s been happier ever since. We spent the next few days at the Kelso Dunes and the hot sun didn`t seem to faze him.

Cottonwood trail walk

Working on my sunset appreciation at Kelso Dunes

We`re at an RV park in Pahrump, Nevada now and it`s been pretty relaxing. It seems this is T`s oasis and she`s gone over to the swimming pool every day. One day she and Nollind headed off to a place called Death Valley, one of those national parks down here that doesn`t allow dogs anywhere beyond the parking lots. It sounds like it would have been way too hot for Logan (+38!) but I don`t mind the heat and would have loved to go along. They left us in the trailer with the air conditioning on and Logan was in heaven. It was a bit on the chilly side for me at just 22 degrees Celsius.

The Death Valley photo I’ll show my friends 😉

I prefer to lie in the sun when I have the chance. I guess that`s why one of my nicknames is “Sunny D”.

Each of us lying in our favourite spot


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