And We’re Off!

After more than two weeks of delays, we finally hit the road on Monday the 12th, bound for warmer climes, but it only got colder as we headed south and in Great Falls, Montana it was almost 20 below after the sun went down. I wasn’t worried though, we have Sid the fifth wheel and he’s warm like the house. We parked at Dick’s RV Park and while T and Nollind got the trailer ready, Logan and I waited in the truck which was cooling off quickly. I couldn’t see what was going on because the windows were fogging up, but there seemed to be some sort of trouble with setting up the trailer, and then I heard Nollind cursing. Oh oh, that was never a good sign.
A frosty departure morning.
But Sid was fine when we went inside, other than the part that slides out and makes the living room bigger seemed to be at a bit of an angle. No worries though, plenty of room for my bed and food dish. What concerned me more was the temperature – the floor was like ice, the couch was hard and I could see my breath – but the furnace was roaring and the electric fireplace was on so I knew it was only temporary. T fed us dinner and they went to find food for themselves, leaving us to heat up the place. We did our best, but two hours later when they came home, despite the furnace running constantly, the thermometer still said only six. Now that’s not bad for a running around outdoors temperature, but it’s a little chilly for hanging out and sleeping. T messed with the fireplace, Nollind went outside and did something with the propane tanks and I was hopeful. They always fix things for us. Logan and I cuddled into the couch, T put a blanket over us and I drifted off to sleep dreaming of the sunshine and palm trees down the road.
Tucked in for a cold first night on the road.
I woke up early, shivering. The trailer was still only +8 and the blanket was on the floor. I heard voices in the bedroom so I headed up there seeking warmth. Just a few whimpers and T invited me onto the bed and then (I couldn’t believe it) under the covers with her! There I was in the flannel sheets snuggled up to T’s fleece jammies with the polar bears on them. I’ve never been allowed under the covers before and I enjoyed every single minute, even staying in bed after T and Nollind got up. But I was worried about T, that maybe the cold had affected her mind. When she got up she put her clothes on right over top of her fleece pj’s which I’ve never seen her do before, and then they went out for breakfast with her dressed like that. Yikes.
That’s me under the covers!
Pants over PJs?

I assumed we’d head out as soon as they got back from eating since the trailer was still so cold but it turned out we had to stick around and wait for a repairman. I guess the crooked slide was more of a problem than I thought. Fortunately, as the morning warmed up, the propane was able to flow properly and the furnace started to work better, and by late morning we were cozy warm and the sun was shining in. When Brett the repairman came at 1:00, he couldn’t fix the slide for us, but he did help Nollind get it pushed back in so we could travel, and we were on our way south on the I-15!

Logan hasn’t been having a great trip. He’d probably be mad if he knew I was telling you, but he’s just not travelling well. On the first day, we stopped in Lethbridge for fuel and human lunch (why don’t we get lunch?) and while T and Nollind were in the restaurant Logan just wouldn’t sit still. He usually settles right down once the truck is parked but he was up and down and back and forth…drove me crazy!
He looks okay (his stoic thing) but check out that OMG eye.

Then I realized why, poor dude had to poop, badly, and was leaving little brown bingo dauber marks all over the Soggy Dog seat cover every time he sat down. I watched in the direction T and Nollind had gone, trying to send them mental messages to hurry back. At last, there they came down the street, I was saved. But what do you think Logan did when they climbed in the truck? Nothing! He just sat there like all was well. He is way too stoic for his own good. Luckily for all of us, we drove only as far as the gas station and T took us out for a walk while Nollind filled the tank.

Logan just barely made it to the first snow bank to drop this huge, nasty pile of brown goo. Wow, had to give him credit for holding that in as long as he had. Once Nollind had the seat cover cleaned up, we were off again, with my backseat companion much more settled the rest of the day. We all thought maybe it was going to be a better trip for him, and therefore me, but you can see in the photo what was happening by the next day. I don’t think he does it for comfort, I wouldn’t mind that, he just decides he wants to be somewhere and it doesn’t matter if I’m already occupying that spot. At one point I climbed into the front seat to get away from him but T and Nollind didn’t let me stay too long perched there on the console. There’s plenty of room, I didn’t see what the issue was. Maybe once I get my first travel bath and a few brushings I’ll be more welcome up front. Either that or my shaky, drooly companion will figure out that travelling is the bomb and he should just enjoy it like I do.
Help, he’s lying on me!

We had one more night of winter in Idaho Falls, although it was much warmer than Great Falls, and now we’re in Las Vegas and I see palm trees out the trailer window. We’re waiting for a repairman again, but I don’t mind so much without the snow and cold. We should be heading to the desert any day now and I can hardly wait for those long morning walks and naps in the sun. Arizona here I come!

Vegas sunshine!

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