We Made it Home!

T told us people were enjoying our travel blog but, just the other day, we found out we have an actual fan! I was so excited I could hardly eat my dinner. Okay, kidding, that’s just never going to happen, but I was excited. So a big thanks to Uncle Allan for following us on our journey and for the positive feedback. Well, not all positive, he did have one criticism. The last post was in Colorado where we were holed up waiting for the wind to die down and then…nothing. Maybe more of you are wondering what happened next: Did we not make it home? Did we get lost? Is our rig lying in a windy Wyoming ditch? Well, none of the above, thank goodness, just a lack of getting around to it. Seems when we get home there are so many things to do that, before we know it, weeks and months have gone by and then it just seems too late.

On the hunt (see bottom right of photo).

So what could a couple of dogs possibly have to do? Well, for one thing, the farm was overrun with gophers when we got back. I guess they’re technically ground squirrels but whatever they are they were EVERYWHERE! I did my best to decrease the surplus population but I did need help from Nollind and his friend Darren. They got a hundred and fifty or so more than I did, but then I didn’t have a gun. If you’re counting gophers killed with bare hands, or paws, I won!

And then there are the horses. That’s more Logan’s area, keeping them in line, moving them to where they’re supposed to be, helping T and Nollind get them through gates and such. He can have that job. I’d much rather take my chances with a gopher than tangle with a horse’s hind feet. I got bit on the nose once and I’m embarrassed to say I did let out a good yelp, but Logan’s missing half a dozen front teeth. I think I won that one too.

Keeping an eye on T while she rides.

And our duties don’t end there. There’s barking at any and all who venture into the yard, running out to greet the boarders when they come to see their horses, keeping the barn and horse shelters free of pigeons, warming the dog bed in T’s office while she’s working and checking on all of the bones I buried last year (and Logan’s that I’m able to find). 

But, back to the rest of the trip. The wind finally died down enough that we were able to leave Colorado Springs and head north again, aiming to be home in a couple of days, but Sheridan, Wyoming was such a great spot we stayed an extra day there. Well, that and we heard there was a snowstorm at home. Why rush back to winter? T and Nollind explored Sheridan while Logan and I hung out at the KOA RV Park, a nice quiet place right beside Goose Creek. After months in the desert it’s hard to describe how sweet it is to roll in green grass and drink from a creek. And, even better, this park had gophers that lived in the trees! Impossible to catch but I could watch them all day. 

Squirrel watching in Wyoming.

Our final stop, same as two years ago, was Dick’s RV Park in Great Falls, Montana, where we repeated our Missouri River walk. Dick’s was our first stop in January and our last in May, a fitting end to another great trip. On Monday, May 5, after four months on the road and 15,000 km, we rolled into the yard. The snow and ice were gone (good thing because I started blowing my coat in Tucson), the air was warm and we were home! 

Leaving Great Falls – I think I can smell home!

Waiting our turn at the border.

Cool thing is, we’re coming up on an important day in about a week’s time…the halfway mark between our last winter RV adventure and our next. Yes, we’re off again in four months!

So, apologies to Allan and anyone else who was left hanging. And thanks for reading.



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