They Tip Over?!

I’ve known for years that vehicles are dangerous—you only have to pay attention to the news—but yesterday I learned of a new danger: the damn things can tip over! We’re here in Colorado Springs, have been since last Wednesday, and our plan to leave yesterday morning was foiled by wind warnings in northern Colorado and Wyoming. But, the frightening part was the “no light trailer advisories” all along the I-25 in Wyoming where, get this, “blow-overs of light trailers are very common”. Blow over!? What the hell? Who decided this was a good way to travel? If I thought I could walk home I would but, realistically, my feet are just not up for an 1,800 km trek through this rocky, cactus-filled country. I have no choice but to endure the death trap a few more days and be prepared to hold on for dear life if required.

Yet more road hazards in New Mexico.


Teresa and Nollind have been much easier about going home this year compared with two years ago. Back then it was a bit like watching someone try to stuff a cat into a carrier. This year they seem to be looking forward to it, even excited. Me, I’m all over it—room to run, pooping in privacy, no foreign objects stuck in my paws on an almost daily basis, and oh…my leather couch…sigh. Leaving tomorrow I’m told, if the wind subsides.

A little something I picked up beside the Rio Grande.


Granted, the stay in Colorado has been pretty nice, with a visit to a terrific off-leash dog park every day we’ve been here. It has a creek running all along its 24 acres and, no matter what time of day we go, there are plenty of other dogs. And, for the humans, it’s fenced, so they can enjoy themselves too (such worriers). Before coming to Colorado, we were camping in the Rio Grande Gorge near Taos, New Mexico for a few days. There wasn’t a lot of off-leash time there but some very good hikes and a lot of peace and quiet.

Campsite in the Rio Grande Gorge


I continue to occupy my time with the training of my humans. They’re doing quite well in some areas, failing miserably in others. I’ve got them dipping my glucosamine chews in bacon fat so that I’ll eat them (and they think they’re outsmarting me!).

Taking my people for a walk at Garden of the Gods, CO.

On the failing side, it took me two weeks to make them understand they’re not to sit in or place items on my seat in the truck. Really people, why so difficult? The whole time Darren was visiting us, Teresa sat in my place right behind the passenger’s seat. I made such a fuss I couldn’t imagine how it wasn’t obvious, but no, they just debated on why I was suddenly not travelling as well as I had been. If humans spent less time looking at electronic screens and more time observing what’s right in front of them they’d be so much smarter, maybe even as smart as dogs.


One thought on “They Tip Over?!

  1. How to be persistent Logie. Such a patient guy you are. Have to give them a break.. They are human after all.

    Glad you will be back in the comforts of home soon. Safe journey back.
    Love aunt Snuzan


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