Las Vegas!

We stayed in Vegas for five days and went to the 12-acre Dog Fanciers Park every morning. I didn’t expect to have a good time, was kind of dreading it to be honest, but it felt different this trip. Two years ago all those big, rambunctious dogs were intimidating, but they don’t bother me much anymore. And I don’t feel jealous now when Logan makes new friends—I just go make some of my own. T and Nollind said I’ve grown up, but I think I’m about the same size. In fact, T put me on a diet last spring, so I’d say I’m actually a bit smaller.

Making new friends at Dog Fanciers Park

Vegas was more of a time for house cleaning and sorting than it was for sightseeing this trip, although they did go out a couple of nights when we weren’t invited. We always miss out on a certain amount of “people only” stuff. They try to tell us we wouldn’t enjoy it anyway but I doubt that. If there’s a place where people are gathering, I’m going to have a good time, period. Logan is more of a stay at home type. I’d go EVERYWHERE…if they’d let me.

Trailer cleaning day.

During the day T and Nollind cleaned all the travel muck off the trailer (we helped as you can see in the photo), filled the water tanks (which they couldn’t do at home for some reason), and got stocked up with groceries and other supplies (including dog treats!). They went out a couple of times at night for music and theatre stuff leaving us to guard the trailer against all of the marauding dogs in the RV park. Okay, they were on leashes, and most were tiny, but still, we did have an important job to do. Logan took the task very seriously, as is typical, I mostly slept, but don’t tell my people.

We set out on Monday morning, one week after leaving home. I’d tell you about what it was like between Las Vegas and Quartzsite but…well…I was sleeping.


3 thoughts on “Las Vegas!

  1. Cool shades man, you're one hip mutt alright. Sounds like you're shaking your tail and having some fun in the sun. Good on ya for making new friends.. It's not always easy, especially with those little yappy squirts. Be cool Dude.


  2. I know what you mean about yappy little squirts… But I think it's mostly just them picking up on their people being afraid of me and Logan. Not sure why they'd think I'd eat one of my own kind. How weird would that be.


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