On the Road!

We’re on the road, the four of us…and Sid, Sidney actually…what they’ve named the fifth wheel. That’s where he came from, Sidney, BC. We had to take a boat to go and get him. We dogs weren’t allowed up on deck to look around, but I knew we were on a boat. I’m ten and I know many things.
It was cold the morning we left the farm in Alberta, so cold the front of the truck was covered in ice and so were the roads.
Not being a fan of vehicle travel, the ice and snow on the road only added to my discomfort. But they were determined to set out, my humans, after being delayed by one thing or another for many days.

Setting out at sunrise

We drove out of the deep cold and icy roads in just a few hours with only the odd section of blowing snow as we headed south into the first state of our tour—Montana. Chico slept through all of this, of course, which is why I’m telling the tale of the journey from winter. That dog would sleep through a hurricane. I try to sleep while we’re travelling, but I just can’t. I breathe deeply, close my eyes, repeat my mantra quietly to myself, “I will get there alive, I will get there alive,” but to no avail.

I just can’t quell the shaking and panting that leave me choking for water by the next stop. If I didn’t have such a good time exploring new places once we reach our destination,  I’d insist they leave me at home to look after the farm.

Back to snowy roads in southern Montana

The farm…I do miss it, especially when I first wake up in the morning and have to remember where we are this day. Our first stops on the road were Great Falls, Montana and Jackpot, Nevada. Great Falls had snow on the ground with a warm Chinook wind blowing in all evening.
Jackpot was snow free when we settled in for the night but Teresa and Nollind got a shock the next day when they opened the trailer door to take us out for our morning constitutional—four inches of fresh snow. I wasn’t surprised. Despite the closed blinds, I could have told them it had snowed overnight.

The last of winter – Great Basin Hwy, Nevada

Just an hour into the final day of the seemingly endless three days of driving south, we left the snow behind and I knew we were getting close to stopping somewhere for more than one night. I was right…Las Vegas!

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