Delays and More Delays…

by Chico

The 30th, they said I just had to wait until the 30th. Well, I may be just a dog but I can see the calendar from down here and that day came and went and we’re on to a whole new calendar! It doesn’t look good. I’ve been shivering since October but they just don’t seem to notice or care — well, that’s not entirely fair, Nollind picked me up once when my feet were really cold and they did put a ridiculous, uncomfortable jacket on me a few times. How do the humans stand those things? So itchy! Okay, I was warmer but at what cost? Luckily, Logan was the only dog who saw me with it on and he had one too, even goofier looking than mine. T and Nollind said he looked “dapper” in his. If dapper means lame then maybe.

So here it is the fifth little box on the new calendar. The first delay was because of all the work created by yet another snowstorm, then it was a broken tractor that had to be hauled to a repair shop, then Nollind got sick, then the trailer got sick or something like that, then there was a near hurricane to the south, then more snow, then even more snow and then, to top it all off, T got sick. Winter will be over before we get out of here! The worst of it is that it’s nasty cold again and this morning the dreaded jacket went back on.

They’re saying tomorrow…but they’ve said that before, at least three times. If we don’t leave soon I’m going to hitch a ride with another rig before the next snowstorm or deep freeze rolls in!

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