Is It Time to Go Yet?

   . . . by Logan
Okay, I admit I wasn’t too excited when they started talking about heading out in the RV again this winter. I’m a homebody at heart and I just don’t adapt easily to change. In fact, lately when we go on even short road trips, I don’t feel like eating the first day or two. Maybe I’m getting old. I’m almost 10 you know, and if the dog-to-human year multiplier is 7, that makes me nearly 70 in your terms. Although, I’m told I don’t look it.

Ready when you are

When they bought the new RV in September I saw the writing on the wall and started preparing myself: eating heartily so I’ll have a little extra weight for those days when food is unappealing, riding in the Kubota RTV to try to get used to the motion of a vehicle (I’m not sure it’s helping), and keeping Chico in line so that I have my choice of beds and toys when we’re on the road. Despite my efforts, my enthusiasm remained low. Travelling is just so stressful! Why must we? Why?

Riding with Tania and Teresa

Teresa and Nollind become more excited as we get closer to the planned departure date, Chico too, but then Chico is excited by everything so he doesn’t really count. So why was it not happening for me? And then . . . it snowed, and the wind blew, and the coloured bar on the thermometer dropped below, way below, the zero line and I had to keep lifting my paws off the ground to keep them warm. That was when it came back to me – sunshine, sand dunes, walks in the desert, running on a beach, and that regularly changing view out the windows of the RV.

It’s snowing again today – a lot! Two years ago the first skiff of snow was on Halloween and we were off that very night. Not sure what they’re waiting for this year but apparently departure is still two months off. Nollind leaves the farm for the big city most days so maybe it has something to do with that. I guess I’ll just enjoy sleeping in my own bed until it’s time to go.

No place like home


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