Homolovi and Home!

by Chico
It was a long way to Homolovi State Park from the far south of Arizona. We drove through two big cities, a bunch of small towns, over a couple of mountain ranges, past cactus, rivers, and big piles of snow. It was like a replay of our many months of travelling all in one day! And we were still in Arizona!

Standin’ on a corner in Winslow, Arizona

We spent 3 days at Homolovi, visited Winslow, Arizona, stood on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, which has to do with some famous old song T and Nollind kept singing. A song by some Eagles? Had me confused. Didn’t know they could sing. But, we got to go along and get our picture taken so it was all good by me.

Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona

From Winslow we headed north to our final stop in Arizona — Page and Lake Powell. Apparently one of the highlights of the trip was there at Page, Antelope Canyon, but I wouldn’t know for sure since I couldn’t go along. But I did get to visit Lake Powell and me and Logan had this flat out race on the beach. As you can see, Logan beat me, twice actually. I have to give him credit. He may be eight but he sure ain’t slow!

Lake Powell beach race

We left Arizona behind us the next day, driving into Utah where we stayed in this terrific place right on a lake, Utah Lake I think it was. We were supposed to be on leashes but there were so few people around that T & Nollind walked us out on the breakwater without them. I could have stayed there for days with all that room to run and water to swim in but we were on our way north again the next morning, into Idaho, where it was cold and rainy.

Luckily, we didn’t stay in Idaho long, just overnight, driving out in a thick fog that disappeared as we crossed the continental divide. Montana and almost home! But we had one more stop to make, Great Falls for shopping and something called the Sip ‘n Dip?

Working on my blog.


And, on Saturday afternoon, six driving days after leaving the far south, we rolled into the farm yard. Having shed my winter coat half way through the trip, I’d been preparing myself for returning to the cold of early spring in Alberta, but it was +16 and sunny when I jumped out of the truck! It did snow a few days later, but that just made for a fun romp along the irrigation canal. There’s no place like home, but I sure hope we go back.

Home, home on the range.

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