Pizza Crusts and Other Highlights

by Chico

We were on our way to Phoenix when T and Nollind took one of their flyers and we ended up in a place called Ajo near the Mexican border. Their detours always seem to take us somewhere fun or interesting, and this one included a day trip to Organ Pipe National Monument, a desert area filled with plants we had to stay away from. Just because I made the mistake of jumping up on a saguaro, once, they seem to think I’m going to stick myself to anything with thorns.

Organ Pipe cactus

The rest of our time in Ajo, Logan and I hung out in the trailer and in the yard watching T and Nollind vacuum, dust, do the laundry, and wash and condition the roof of the RV. It was a very relaxing time. Our last evening there we walked to the centre of town to a cafe and got to sit on the patio with the people! Finally — equality! Although…I have to say I didn’t actually get a latte, or a chair.

Coffee time at the square in Ajo, Arizona.

When we got to Phoenix I was pretty excited because I could hear and smell the horses as soon as we rolled into the RV park. We were going trail riding! I love trail riding! I kept waiting for T and Nollind to go get the ponies and saddle up until Logan informed me that we were just camped beside a race track and there would be no trail ride. Oh…drag. Logan always seems to know what’s going on. I wonder if I’ll be that smart when I’m his age.

The city means a lot of time waiting for T & Nollind to come home from things, but I do like the great selection of food it offers — pizza crusts, rib bones, cheezies, muffin wrappers. There are snacks everywhere! Nollind is always trying to keep me from eating the things I find on our walks but I’m pretty quick and becoming increasingly crafty in my approach. “Just sniffing at this rock over here, nothing to concern yourself with” …and then grab and swallow as quickly as I can. In the campgrounds I hunt out the picnic tables. You’d be amazed what you can find underneath. They don’t call them picnic tables for nothing!

After a week in the big city it was sure nice to be back out in the desert under the stars. Picacho Peak State Park is between Phoenix and Tucson and we went there for a few days of “country” before heading back into the city at Tucson. It was such a nice place that a few days turned into a full week of hiking, photography, painting, and cocktail hour. Now I’ve not been offered a cocktail just yet, but it’s still fun hanging out with T & Nollind while they sit and talk and laugh and enjoy the sunset. They don’t do it every day, but a lot more often when we’re out in the desert. Desert and sunset watching just seem to go together.

Saguaro sunset

Tucson has meant a bit more trailer time for me and Logan, but today we drove out of the city and went on a hike in Catalina State Park, right at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Hiking in Catalina

It was a hot day, over 30 degrees, and I was pretty excited to hear there would be three creek crossings on the way up to see the wildflowers. Back where I come from, creeks have water in them, but not so here in Arizona. Even rivers can be just big, sandy ditches. The first crossing was completely dry and the second one had a few pools of standing water that T & Nollind wouldn’t let us near. I was pretty disappointed, not to mention melting. And then, at the third crossing — water! Cool, clear, running, glorious water! As you can see, I’m not shy about going for a dip, and I’ll find a way to cool off, even when the water is shallow.
I hear we’re on the move again tomorrow, back to the desert and another state park. This one has the word “lake” in the name. The weather forecast is for more hot so I’m hoping the lake has water in it.


One thought on “Pizza Crusts and Other Highlights

  1. You are as funny a dog as I am, we do what we can to keep the masters amused, but I have never lain in a river. Here in the Okanagan we will probably have drive rivers in the not too distant future.



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