Viva Las Vegas!

– by Logan
…or so the humans like to say. I wasn’t clear what all the fuss was about until we arrived there. Once we’d settled in and done a bit of exploring, I found out why it’s such a hot destination — Las Vegas has the best dog park in the western USA, possibly in the whole country! It’s huge! — made up of many acres where you can run and play ball, with grass and trees and water fountains. And, the best part…other dogs, lots of them…and I do love to meet other dogs. I tend to get along with most of them — big, small, timid, assertive. My secret? I pick up on their vibe and operate at their level. Timid? Don’t worry, I’ll approach gently. Playful? Great, I’m in! Pushy or aggressive? I’ll bow down, no problem (and then head for the other side of the park when you’re not looking). I’m a bit of a chameleon I guess, happy to fit in with whatever you’re looking for in a companion. Probably makes me sound a bit weak, but in truth, it’s just smart.

So, back to the Las Vegas Dog Fanciers’ Park…of our two weeks in Vegas, we visited there all but two days — the ones we were out of town on road trips. The first trip out of town was to a place called Valley of Fire. Not a long drive, with a cool walk on a sandy trail that took us through a slot canyon, but really…what is this human fascination with red rocks? And, at what point do they get enough? The second outing was to (here we go again) Red Rock Canyon. I admit, humans have more visual sensitivity to colour than we dogs but, really, they’re rocks! Anyway, another good walk and the usual array of interesting smells so I’m not complaining, just a bit confounded.

Most of the other Las Vegas activities we were excluded from. Such prejudice. How did we get left out of the rights and freedoms legislature? But, in truth, when I heard where they’d been I wasn’t too fussed. The National Finals Rodeo where they had fireworks indoors (yikes!); a Barry Manilow concert to satisfy some kind of 70’s teenage girl’s crush; a Blue Man Group show where they had to wear plastic ponchos; and Phantom of the Opera in a theatre so decrepit the chandelier nearly fell on the audience! Believe me, I was happy to be safe and sound and enjoying the quiet of the RV. Besides, someone has to keep an eye on the place — all of our worldly goods in one small box and they regularly leave it unattended for long periods of time. I’m thinking this is why they brought me…to be the responsible one.

Now, we did get one look at what they call “the strip” and, even to a colour blind dog with less visual acuity, it was pretty impressive. But, on the other side of that coin, really…doesn’t it waste a lot of electricity keeping all those lights on? I’m just sayin’…

Viva Las Vegas…

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