Hey gang! I’m Chico.

I noticed Logan didn’t mention me in his post so I thought I’d best introduce myself. I’m almost three, just a pup really, and the newest member of Logan’s family. I’ve been around since last January, when they adopted me from a rescue organization. We’re on a great adventure, me and him. Oh, and of course, our people, T and Nollind. Life is so good.

Setting out on our big adventure!

Logan showed you where we live in Canada. It’s a fantastic place with so much to do there just isn’t enough time in a day. I supervise all of the work the people do around the farm and make sure that intruding birds and animals (particularly pigeons and gophers) are chased off the property. You might say that on this trip I’m taking a break from the “rat chase”. Sorry…just had to say it.

The pace is a lot slower since we moved into the little house and hit the road, but there are new things to see and smell at every stop, and truck time is a great opportunity to rest up for the next exciting destination. As he already told you, Logan doesn’t like truck time. I know he says he needs to keep an eye on things, but I think he’s just a worrier. Our people have it all under control.


Hiking in Moab
A couple of days ago T and Nollind were celebrating because we’d finally reached our “first destination”. I’m not sure what the others were – Vernon, Kelowna, Salmo, Spokane, Clarkston, Boise, Salt Lake City – but it seems this one is special – MOAB! And yesterday I found out why. We drove from the RV site along a road right next to the Colorado River. There were high red cliffs on both sides, some of them with what the sign said was “Indian Writing”. Nothing much interesting in that but when we stopped just 10 miles from camp, we took a walk, or hike I think they called it, up this canyon to a huge arch in the rock. There were odd prickly plants, lots of red sand and, most thrilling of all, a Bighorn Sheep that came from behind us and ran right across our path! I’m sure I could have caught him if they’d just unclipped the leash but apparently there are some rules around here about dogs on leashes.
Showing Nollind how it’s done.
Parts of the trail were a bit tricky but I’m quite sure-footed and not at all afraid of heights. At one point I ran right up to the edge of a cliff and sat down to look at the view. T said I was making her stomach feel queasy. Not sure how I did that since she was standing far back behind me. In another spot they had a cable strung along the rock and, as you can see from the photo, Nollind needed to hang on but I didn’t.
We got to a great view spot of the big arch but couldn’t make the last part of the trail due to a climb up a rock face and a ladder. T and Nollind thought that we dogs would slip on the rock and not manage the ladder but they were probably just afraid. I know I could have made it.
Sounds like we’ll be staying here another day or two. The trails in the national parks are apparently closed to dogs, even leashed dogs, but that’s okay…I know T will find us somewhere to walk.

2 thoughts on “Hey gang! I’m Chico.

  1. Hi guys, you are so lucky to be seeing the world. I am confined to my house and yard and the odd walk. Thanks for keeping us informed of your travels, you are such a good writer.



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