Hi, My Name is Logan

I’m probably not your typical blogger; although, admittedly, I haven’t read a lot of blogs. I’m a 7-year-old Border Collie/Lab cross. Yes…a dog.

The herd.
This is where I live, or did until two weeks ago. I have 21 acres and a bunch of horses to look after, or at least I try, when they’ll listen to me.
Below is where I live now and the yard changes every few days. It’s a nice little place, where the rules seem much more lax on where I can sleep, so I move between the couch and the bed when I’m home.
Our home on wheels – “Larry”
The stops are filled with new sights, sounds and, most importantly and best of all…smells! It’s an absolute scent-fest every time we stop in a new place. Travelling between stops is a lot less appealing, or let’s make that more terrifying — hurtling down the highway at great speed with others doing the same thing in the other direction. Does no one else recognize the danger we’re in? Have they not read the newspapers or watched the nightly news? My people sit blissfully naive in front, seemingly enjoying the ride, regularly trying to reassure me of the safety and okay-ness of it all. But I’m not falling for it. I’m a Border Collie and we’re known for our intelligence. Some might say we’re obsessive…I prefer to think of it as focused.
The morning we left Canada they slipped something into my food. It made me feel a bit sleepy, but I fought it and remained ever awake and vigilant all the way to Spokane. Somebody has to watch the road and remind them of the danger.
Snow in Salmo, BC
The first week away we spent visiting family, or at least my people were visiting. I was mostly catching up on sleep in the RV so I didn’t mind really, and in Kelowna I had a chance to play in a yard with other dogs for a day. It snowed the day before we crossed the border and although I would have liked to stay and play in my first snow of the year, Sa and Nollind were not nearly as excited about it. In fact, it sounded like it was part of the reason we were leaving, with comments about driving until we run out of “watch for snowplow” and “bridge ices” signs.
It’s been like fall everywhere we’ve visited with coloured leaves in the trees, crunchy leaves underfoot, and all those great autumn smells. We’ve taken longs walks along the Spokane River, the Boise River, and the Jordan River in Salt Lake City. In Salt Lake City there was even a small dog park along the river where I had a chance to run and play with some new friends. I don’t mind the leash but it sure felt good to run free for a while.
I might look happy but …
I have a feeling we’re going to be travelling again today — they’re up extra early and are making preparations. I’d better get some sleep now in case I have to supervise a particularly long drive.

6 thoughts on “Hi, My Name is Logan

  1. Hi Chico and Logan, Jonah and Lily here. Really enjoyed reading your recent blogging. Sounds like quite the adventures you're having. We'll definitely take your word for the magic cheese not if, but when, the need arises. We've been spending the New Year together and it's been nice but we'll be glad when we get our own people and beds and couches all to ourselves again. Mike and Susan have taken us to the park a couple of times, today they waited til it was almost dark. Are they nuts? Don't they know about the coyotes in that park. Good thing we're on the ball. Well, guys, keep filling us in on your journeys as you know we can only live vicarious adventures through you due to our homebody natured people. Woof, woof. May the treats be with you.


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